Wrist and elbow pain

Shoulder, elbow or wrist problems can be related

In our experience, problems like “tennis elbow” “golfers elbow”, “frozen shoulder” and “carpal tunnel syndrome” always come together with neck problems.

They also tend to improve much quicker with neck treatment. It’s hard to believe this, unless you see it every day as we do in our clinic.

The main reason for this connection between elbow pain and your neck is that the nerves which manage your arms are coming out from your neck in-between the vertebrae. When your neck is stiff or sore, the nerves are being pinched and they cannot work properly.

Importance of neck and posture

Restoring mobility to the joints in the neck very often solves the problem, because when nerves function properly, muscular balance around the joints is restored and they start to heal better. Often the elbow or shoulder joint itself requires a chiropractic “adjustment”, where the chiropractor “moves” the joints, restoring natural mobility, and thus improving the function. Very often neck and shoulder problems, as well as elbow and wrist pain are caused by your desk setup or conditions at work.

A small but chronic inaccuracy in posture can become a cause of major problems and pains, if it is not corrected soon enough. Your chiropractor will be able to establish the source of the pain after all the necessary tests.

Posture at desk will affect your shoulders, ribs and wrists,

Posture in car will affect your shoulders, ribs and wrists,

General posture will affect your shoulders, ribs and wrists

The best wrist and elbow rehabilitation tool known to us is a gyroscopic ball, called Powerball.

I own one for many years and our patients have great results with those. A bit more about this amazing gadget below:

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