Guide to core strength training

People often think that their “core” is their stomach muscles. They point at their stomach when they talk about it, they train their stomach and all they think about is a “six-pack”, which became synonymous with core strength. But this is not true and this is why so many people suffer with back pain after training their “core”.

Your “core” muscles really are the muscles around your spine and they have to be 1.5 strength of the stomach (six-pack) muscles. Other stabilisers around the stomach and sides are all very important and are working together to achieve balance and support, but back has to be stronger, therefore has to be trained more and this is to be done correctly.

If this is not the case, the imbalance caused by stomach muscles being stronger than back muscles can cause back pain due to un-even pressure onto structures of the spine. Core stability best trained with static exercise (like in Pilates) because this trains your deep postural musculature better.

Below are core stability exercises which work best, when done first thing in the morning and before you go to bed.

You can even do it on your bed, it will be harder to keep balance, therefore more efficient.

Each exercise takes 1 minute, therefore for 4-5 exercises you must spend no more than 10-12 minutes a day.

Remember! It only works if you do it consistently – every day.

You core stability exercises (second stage of care)

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