Shoulder pain

Reasons for the shoulder to be out of good action

Similar to elbow and wrist problems, we have found that shoulder problems almost invariably come accompanied by neck and upper back pain or stiffness.

Shoulder anatomy

The shoulder joint is very shallow and held together only by a well coordinated muscle control around the joint and shoulder girdle in whole.

There are over 6 muscles working constantly to maintain your shoulder movements even when it is at rest. A healthy neck ensures a good nerve supply to these muscles providing better posture and stronger shoulders. The alignment and flexibility of the upper back provided and supported by spine itself, ribs and other structures (clavicle, scapula) also play a great role in the quality and function of shoulder joint. This complicated bio-mechanical design is generally called a shoulder girdle.

Shoulder relationship to the spine

When your neck is stiff and sore the muscles are out of balance causing uneven wear and tear in the joints, muscle stiffness and pain.

We have found, that patients with shoulder problems may improve very quickly when good mobility of the joints in their neck and back is restored by chiropractic care.

Shoulders and chiropractic

This normally includes specific chiropractic adjustment and carefully selected exercise.

Your chiropractor will also advise you on the ergonomics at work and at home to avoid relapses and help to stay healthy for as long as you choose.

Rehab tools for shoulders

If you have had a visit to a chiropractor already, where all the necessary tests to establish the source of your problem were performed and you are looking for rehab tools I advise you get the well known Exercise Band for your shoulder, the link is on the right of the page. Use this band to gradually train your upper back and remember to stretch your chest muscles to balance your posture out helping your shoulders to re-align.This will aid a natural and relaxed posture because well balanced muscles will be doing the job!

Exercises to stretch your shoulder girdle and normalise mobility:

  • Neck rolls side to side
  • Neck lateral flexion ear to shoulder
  • Shoulder rolls with arms pushed closed to the sides of the body
  • Shoulders rolls with arms free
  • Ceiling punches above your head
  • Chest stretch through the door frame – arms at 90 degrees to the body
  • Arms clasped behind back chest stretch
  • Arm across the chest stretch
  • Bent arm behind your head
  • Neck stretch looking at opposite side kneewith opposite side arm

Muscles to train in the gym for good shoulder alingment and better posture:

  • Lattissimus dorsi (lats) – pull-downs/chin-ups
  • Rhomboids – reversed flies
  • Posterior deltoids – adducted external rotation of the arm, one arm rows with low back isolated
  • Subscapularis – external rotation standing with pulley or on the side with dumbell

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