Swimming for Health

Everyone knows that swimming is good for your back and general health.

But like everything else it is only “good” if it is done properly.

We have seen too many cases of neck pain and associated arm and shoulder problems along with dizziness and headaches to ignore this rules of “healthy swimming”.

1. Use appropriate technique to avoid extending (bending back) your neck while swimming. Normally you breath in when pushing out of the water (breast stroke) or turning your head (front crawl). You suppose to breath out into the water; this is where your neck rests and relaxes. You will, of course, make your hair wet, but will avoid all this pain, which maybe brought about by incorrect swimming technique.

2. Use goggles to avoid getting too much chlorinated (or salty if you swim in the sea) water into your sensitive eyes.

3. Take swimming lessons or watch videos below and if you don’t regulary swim, start swimming slowly and work on technique, gradually increasing the amount of lengths you can do.

Good luck and happy swimming.

Safe swimming techniques videos below:

Breast Stroke

Front Crawl

Back Stroke

Good Luck with your swimming!