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russian chiropracticI am dedicated to getting people well and keeping them that way, so I have made this website as part of my mission to help my patients.

Everything I recommend or the advice I give is based on my experience and the experience of my colleagues and patients and current chiropractic and medical research.

What does it mean? It means that the treatment or solution I recommend has worked perfectly for hundreds of our patients and has a great chance to work for you in a similar way. However, the effectiviness and final results of a treatment, exercise or supplement recomendation depends on health condition and other circumstanses of each patient, and therefore I hold no responsibility for the outcome of the treatment chosen by you.

Please feel free to leave your feedback on the website and email me your questions, so I can help you to find a solution to your problem.

If you are based in London, visit me in our clinic at The Back Pain Centre.

Please click here for the First Visit  Special Offer Certificate.

Thank you for visiting.



I would like to thank my friends and colleagues for their help, advice and support:

- Mark Darlow Phd for his dyslexic editing of my first articles

- Nina edited most of my articles to improve them greatly

- Kieran my Irish friend for editing and suggestions

- Dr Xandra Middleton DC for website names suggestion (they share it with Mark), and for directing visitors to the site.

- Peter Barishnikov for technical stuff and logo (to come)

- My patients for causing it all
- My family for support and patience

- My mother for giving me life and her teachings.

I've created this website from scratch. I used Joomla CMS (content management software) to build it and Adjust Health is parked at Just Host, I picked them, after searching for a hosting company for quite a while. They offered a very good price for a very good package and domain name was free. I do not regret my choice, because they also have good support and great management panel.


Want website like that? It's easier than you think...

I thoroughly recommend Just Host to get domain name and host it.

I advice to use Joomla, cause it's straightforward and easy and also it is free. You are not paying for any additional software.

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