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chiropracticThis is a chart of spinal nerves. It shows how they connect different parts of the body to the brain and associated symptoms when this connection is disturbed.


This chart repersents the Original Chiropractic Phylosophy. Chiropractors aim at restoring the functions of the spine which enhances the conection between the Brain and the organs and systems of the body so the nervous system can do its job of maintainance and repair.

The term "Vertebral Subluxation" is used for the joints which are not moving properly, this makes them prone to inflammation and swelling and cause "pinched nerves" and premature "wear and tear". Chiropractors believe that this may affect the nerves causing the symptoms in corresponding organs and systems.

The "subluxation" term is rarely used now, because it contradicts with the medical understanding of "sub-luxation" which is a partial luxation of the joint.


Right click on the chart and select "View Image" to view a large version. When it is displayed, you can print it or click "Back" button in your browser to come back to Adjust Health.


meric chart spinal nerves



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