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Neck pillowThis is a very sensitive matter, because you may already have paid £2000 or more for your mattress and your back is still hurting, you may also purchased the “best” memory pillow on the market, but you are still waking up with a sore neck or maybe a headache. 

Well, a good mattress and a good pillow are not the remedy for back and neck pain, but of course they are very important if you want to maintain good spinal health. 


Good Pillow

So what is a good pillow from the point of view of a back pain expert? Technically speaking it is a pillow which maintains your head in it's neutral position and does it softly and comfortably. Imagine yourself standing in normal upright posture – this is when your neck is in the NEUTRAL position, it means all the joints are well aligned, because the neck is not bent or twisted. You need a pillow which provides that when you are resting your head on it!

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Royal blueIt is obvious, that there can be no sleep, when your back hurts like hell and you can't fall asleep without taking painkillers, or drinking a whole bottle of wine, which may ease the pain, but may also help you to become an alcoholic.
If this is your case, refer to my article on Acute Back Pain

What I would like to discuss with you, is the case where your back is not perfect and you may have occasional back or neck pain.

You may be waking up aching and it takes time to get going or you may have a slight headache in the morning which only eases after a hot shower and a cup of coffee.