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natproukThe Choice of the "informed woman" 

(with thanks to Dr J.Lee MD) 

This information will help you to be educated about the unwanted effects of low or no progesterone and too much estrogen (Estrogen Dominance)and the subsequent unpleasant symptoms associated with the Menopause, PMS, and the conditions of infertility & osteoporosis

Other major disorders, including breast cancer, stroke, osteoporosis & heart disease have also been shown to be exacerbated by an imbalance of hormones. 

To understand the effects of HRT (synthetic hormones), estrogen, and natural progesterone, on the Menopause, Hot Flushes, Night Sweats, PMS, Migraine Headaches, Mood Swings, Fertility, Heart Disease, and Osteoporosis, it is necessary to distinguish safe and natural hormones from those that are foreign and carcinogenic. This will allow you to make informed choices that will benefit your future health and quality of life. 

Problems arise, when foreign estrogens, petrochemical compounds, and synthetic hormones are introduced into the body. These interfere with natural hormone production and normal thyroid function when natural progesterone production is consequently suppressed by these environmental antagonists. 

Estrogen Dominance 

Natural progesterone is produced in the ovaries after ovulation and it balances the side effects of otherwise unopposed estrogen. 

Under the influence of cycles without ovulation, the menopause, stress and dietary antagonists, progesterone production ceases or is suppressed and the effects of Estrogen Dominance can be observed. Many women experience otherwise unexplained weight gain from the lack of progesterone that is required for proper thyroid function and fat metabolism. 

It is also important that we distinguish between Natural Progesterone, Yam extract and its counterparts in the drug industry - PROGESTINS. Although these drugs are commonly referred to as progesterone, this is a misnomer. In some ways they mimic the effects of progesterone in the body, but in other important ways they gravely interfere with natural progesterone and can create and exacerbate hormone related health problems, and be a primary contributor to the condition referred to as Estrogen Dominance:

  • Increased Body Fat
  • Interference with Thyroid Hormone Activity (hypo-thyroid)
  • Depression & Headaches
  • Salt and Water Retention
  • Blood Sugar Irregularities (Food Cravings)
  • Reduced Oxygen in All Cells
  • Decreased Libido (Sex Drive)
  • Loss of Zinc and Retention of Copper
  • Excessive Blood Clotting
  • Increased Risk of Breast Cancer
  • Reduced Vascular Tone
  • Increased Risk of Endometrial Cancer
  • Endometriosis
  • Uterine Cramping
  • Infertility
  • Increased Risk of Uterine Cancer

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contrapcetiveMost of the official sources advertise the safety of The Pill (because as all synthetic medications it is linked to billions of pharmaceutical profits) but even they mention the dangers listed below. Naturalistic, wellness and chiropractic websites (who do not feed on pharmaceutical profits) raise their voices against synthetic hormones based on numerous cases in their clinical experience. I copied some of these below:

"...Here is an overview of the reported risks and side effects of birth control pills.

Some physical and emotional changes take place that are permanent while you stay on the pill. Many of these changes occur as your body’s response to synthetic estrogen.

These changes include:

  • Larger breasts
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Reduced or increased acne
  • Slight nausea
  • Emotional sensitivity right before your period
  • Mood swings throughout your cycle
  • Irregular bleeding or spotting
  • Breast tenderness
  • Decreased libido

Video one about contraceptive pills

Video two about contraceptive pills

The above side effects might be enough to deter some women from taking birth control, but many women are just not aware of them, while others justify the side effects because the pill is so convenient.

But imagine taking your birth control pill, feeling depressed and then taking an antidepressant to handle your mood swings and hypersensitivity. Adding an antidepressant could then contribute to even lower libido, which would surely be noticed by you and your partner.

My point is that birth control pills are a prescription drug with very real ramifications on your overall health.