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spineIn holistic chiropractic community we strongly believe, that disease is simply a lack of health.

We also believe, that all our health problems come from either too much or not enough of certain things.

We call it toxicity and deficiency.

Arthritis is a good example! Our bodies (spine and other joints) originally are designed to live in a wild - swinging on trees, swimming, hunting and look out for preditors, sure we don't do enough of that!  This is deficiency, which damaging the joints, because the joints are designed for movement.

We spend most of the time standing or sitting in static postures, causing toxicity and stagnation in our spines, in other joints and surrounding tissues.This causes excessive wear and tear, the joints degenerate over time giving you all this symptoms, which made you go to your doctor only to hear: "You've got arthritis".

However arthritis may be prevented and slowed down especially when detected in its early stages. Therefore I recommend to see your chiropractor to establish the status of your spinal health and take all the necessary precautions to avoid spinal deterioration.

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sistemic deceaseWhy would a chiroprator write about teeth?

As a wellness discipline chiropractic cares about all things realted to healthy living and the advancement of life.

Poor dental hygiene may cause unwanted health problems and according to latest research it can even be one of the factors attributing to heart disease.

Unhealthy teeth may become a cosmetic problem through bad breath which may put people off from talking to you and your girlfriend or wife may not enjoy your kiss...

But the main reason for me to write about teeth is that there are many similarities between dental hygiene and the spinal hygiene.

Prevention of dental decay is as easy as the prevention of spinal decay, and if you don't do it the damage can not be reversed.

Spinal hygiene includes short and easy daily exercises and an occasional check up with spinal expert (a chiropractor) who will remove unwanted restrictions in your spine. Healthy spine gives you freedom to do what you want when you want it including more exercises to achieve more health.

Dental hygiene is as easy as that and includes brushing your theeth, flossing and occasional visits to your hygienist to check up and clear any plaque. Healthy teeth give you confidence in communication and good oral health will contribute to overall health.

I firmly believe that if you look after your teeth as described below starting from their first appearance in your mouth (message to parents), you will never have dental decay or other associated problems.