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natproIf you are trying to conceive, man's health is as important as the woman's.

Below are few tips which may help men on their way to become a father.

Nutrition: Because your sperm is mostly made of protein, you need to increase the protein intake. If you are vegetarian, good protein supplements will do the job. Lot's of crunchy and colourful vegetables will generally increase your health and supply of vitamins and microelements for sperm production, making it "healthier and stronger". Best form of protein is hydrolised collagen protein.

Supplements: Your diet may be perfect but may still need some adjustments, therefore you can use vitamins to boost your drive and sperm count. Most commonly used are: "B" complex, vitamins "C", "E" and Zinc, Folic acid may aid better blood circulation too. Benefits of vitamins are described on Vtamins and Suipplements page of this website. There is a well documented fact that Natural Progesterone Cream supplementation is as beneficial for men as it is for women. Natural Progesterone is a precursor (a "building block" in simple language) of all other hormones, including the hormone of man's sexuality - Testosterone. When some Natural Progesterone is introduced, more Testosterone is made. We recommend getting Natural Progesterone from Natpro website Please check my short article on Progesterone for men.

Lifestyle: Good rest after work will restore the powers, therefore make sure you have good night of sleep. Drink plenty of water which is Filtered and Alkalised to cleanse and purify your system. Alkalising principles are described in Alkalise and Energise article and PH drops and salts are advertise on right of this page.

Exercise: As well as to have a strong back, it is very important to exercise and build some muscle. If you are very skinny, you are likely to need to build some muscle to make your body produce some more testosterone which boosts the reproductive system. Similar for a slightly overweight men - build some muscle and stamina and it will boost your drive, it will also help you to lose weight and possible make you even more attractive to your wife. It is a well known fact, that exercising big muscle groups aids testosterone production. Exercise on building the muscle and losing the fat are on Fat Burning Furnace page of this website.

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CertificateWhy progesterone for men? Progesterone is commonly thought of as a 'female' sex hormone. This is misleading as it is vital to sustain not just health but life itself in all mammals of both sexes.

This is slightly "technical" explanation of how Natural Progesteron works and how it may reduce risk or prevent Prostate cancer. If you don't want to read the complicated bits just check the highlited ones, and then scroll down to the part about the diet recommendations.

As a man gets older testosterone is converted into di-hydrotestosterone (DHT), which some believe is the cause of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and cancer, but some do not.

Oestrogen levels also increase as a man gets older. Oestrogen is known to stimulate cell growth. Reading between the lines, because as yet, there is no definitive study done on this, it appears to be the increased oestrogen level which is the problem and not the two testosterones. As progesterone is a powerful counter-balance for estrogen, progesterone for men is essential.

If in fact testosterone were the culprit, then men aged ±22 would have the highest incidence of BPH (Benign Prostate Hypertrophy) and cancer, as testosterone levels are at their highest point in the early 20's, but of course they don't. From the early twenty's to the late twenty's testosterone makes it's greatest drop, thereafter it continues to decline, but at a slower rate.

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Man boobsMan boobs, 'moobs' or enlarged male mammary glands

The medical term for 'man boobs' is gynecomastia which comes from the Greek meaning 'woman' + 'breasts'. 

Although the cause is often deemed idiopathic (meaning it's not known), the majority of cases are caused by an imbalance of sex hormones. About 25% of cases fall into the idiopathic category. 

The physical manifestation is breast enlargement, it normally occurs in both breasts but can sometimes be in one only, known as asymmetrical or unilateral gynecosmastia. Occasionally a secretion of milk can be present too. Man boobs can affect up to 60% of men, including infants and adolescents.  

The breast can increase in size due to stimulation of the breast tissue and an increase in adipose (fat) cells. Man boobs can be tender or painful, the medical term is mastodynia, mastalgia or mammalgia. 

The following is a list of terms in use denoting different aspects of gynecosmastia or man boobs:

  • Infants Over 50% of male infants are born with enlarged breasts, which normally resolves about three weeks from birth. When pregnant the mother's oestrogen and progesterone levels increase considerably. If an excess of oestrogen is present this affects the male infants. Oral contraceptives taken by a breast feeding mother can cause gynecomastia.
  • Adolescent Studies have found gynecomastia varies from as low as 4% to over 60% in boys. The enlarged breasts are due to the fluctuating levels of oestrogen and testosterone in puberty. 90% resolve within three years if the cause is an hormonal imbalance.
  • Adult This occurs chiefly between the ages of fifty to eighty years, with at least 25% of men affected. Dropping testosterone levels, and rising oestrogen levels, are a significant factor.
  • Puffy Nipples The enlargement is confined to the area under the areola. It is more common in adolescents and many have self esteem issues and depression because of their appearance.
  • Bodybuilders The use of anabolic steroids causes stimulation of the breast tissue, and can lead to man boobs.
  • Pseudogynecomastia This is a term some use for a fatty male breast. It's a poor term, as oestrogen stimulates mitosis in any hormonally sensitive tissue, including adipose cells. Mitosis causes cells to divide and multiply.
  • Obesity and over weight Man boobs are often present in overweight individuals. Oestrogen stimulates mitosis in adipose cells, these cells also produce oestrogen, so a vicious cycle ensues. Farmers take advantage of this fact by giving oestrogen to their livestock. Eat only organic meat, chicken and eggs.