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food pyramide

There is no need for FAD diets or starving and over-exercising.

Please follow simple advice below to naturally lose weight and gain an unstoppable levels of energy in your life:

1. Healthy Eating including correct food combining.

2. Healthy Drinking including correct timing and quality of drinking and sufficient liquid intake.

3. Aerobic exercise 3-4 times a week. Cycling, swimming, rowing and moderate weights for back and shoulders are better than running.

4. Sufficient consumption of Vitamins and Minerals through healthy and wholegrain un-processed foods topped up by supplements.

5. Omega 3 oils daily to stop sugar craivings and provide your body with buffer for acidity and necessary healthy fats for nervous system and organ function.

6. Preserve your body alkalinity through green and high water contents foods

7. You may want to stimulate Your body's ability to metabolise fat and use some natural supplements from Visi for either sustained balanced fat loss and better thermodynamics (Trimma) or accelerated fat loss (Vinnle) along with bio-identical Hydrolised Collagen Protein (amino-acid complex - Probita) which supresses appetite and provides body with necessary building blocks for repair. Check it out here for great results: Visi

Make slow adjustments do your diet and exercise to get used to a new healthy routine and you will never want to go back to your old habits of eating and living.

Good luck!

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