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If you are overweight, a Type 2 diabetic, or concerned about becoming diabetic, you need to learn the secrets to prevent, control, beat and reverse your diabetes.
More importantly, you will need to learn from someone who has been where you are, someone who understands the struggles of being a diabetic.
There are experts who will tell you that you can't "reverse" your diabetes, and in some cases this is true - after many years of nutritional abuse, cellular starvation, and damage to the liver, kidneys, arteries, and other organs.
However, the human body has a powerful repair/healing mechanism that just needs the proper fuel to get going (i.e. super foods such as vegetables, plant oils, fish, legumes, filtered water).

Even if your diabetes can't be reversed, you can at least slow down the progression of the disease and the damage that the disease and drugs are causing to your liver, kidneys, and arteries.

  • If you really want to get your diabetes under control, if you really want to beat and reverse your diabetes, then, you must be motivated to make the changes. Every week I meet patients diabetics who are getting off the drugs, losing weight, and feeling good about themselves. And, the common denominator that these people had was the right (positive) attitude and they were not going to be deterred.

We wondered what keeps Diabetics Diabetic?

There are two main things: lack of knowledge and lack of motivation.

It is easy to correct the lack of knowledge, and motivation comes with it, because when you know you can change, nothing can stop you from doing it.

  • Diabetes type II affecting over 170,000,000 worldwide. We see a lot of patients with diabetes and we always want to help, because our main aim is getting people well and keeping them that way.
  • If you follow general rules of healthy eating and moderate regular exercise, you have very small chance becoming a diabetic. If you are a diabetic, you need to apply same rules of healthy eating and exercising, but in a more strict fashion.

The most detailed and friendly guide we could find is "Death to Diabetes" book which is very comprehensive health and wellness book, with 400-pages of detailed information about Type 2 diabetes and how to beat and reverse this chronic disease and its complications. Because there are so many people with diabetes the information in this book needs to be communicated to every person worldwide.

Why? Because every one of us either knows someone who’s diabetic or has someone in their family who’s diabetic.

  • It’s true that diabetics and doctors know that diet and exercise are the keys to managing their diabetes, but, as DeWayne McCulley, the author of Death to Diabetes, points out,Most diabetics who are trying their best are unknowingly eating the wrong foods that are sabotaging their health; and, they take medications that they think are helping their diabetes, but the drugs aren’t helping.”

We have recommended this book to a number of our patients and and all of them are now successfully lowering  their insuling and drugs consumption and report great improvement in wellness and quality of life.

Don't Let This Happen to You!
Amputation, Blindness,
Kidney Failure,
Ulcers, Heart Attack, Stroke, Gum Disease ...
Sorry, I removed the pictures of amputated leg, foot ulcers, stroke and blindness - they do not look nice at all...

...however if you want to see this pictures...
let me know

Diabetes and the drugs don't kill you (directly) -- they rot out your body from the inside out one organ at a time.

Please Note to Type 1 Diabetics:

Although the Death to Diabetes® nutritional protocol was designed for Type 2 diabetics, Type 1 diabetics can benefit from the program by utilizing the superior nutritional protocol and medical protocol to safely reduce the amount of insulin requirements. Type 1 diabetics can also benefit from other aspects of the Death to Diabetes® program, including how to cleanse/detox, test, use supplements, spiritual health, doctor visits, and what dead foods/chemicals to avoid.

Type 1s will still require insulin, and cannot reverse their disease like Type 2s because Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune disease while Type 2 Diabetes is a disease of nutritional-deficiency that can be corrected. However Type 1s can prevent or, at least, slow down the progress of the disease complications associated with diabetes by using the information documented in Mr. McCulley's book about the clinical studies associated with Type 1 diabetes, and by utilizing the wellness principles of the book.

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