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Russian chiropractor in London"I've created this website for my patients and all people who want to take responsibility for their health. 

There are simple answers to many of your health problems and my aim is to help you find these answers, so you can get rid of pain and live your life to the full.

I would like to help you to improve your health and well-being in order to make your life more enjoyable for yourself and others.

I'm currently working in East London UK as a Doctor of Chiropractic at The Back Pain Centre.

I will not use medical jargon, and explain everything in simple terms. My work practice shows, that for the majority of my patients this simplicity is what is needed.  

If this site seems to be too basic or simplistic for you, and you want to help others to get better, you are welcome to contribute by posting your comments."

The biography of Russian Chiropractor in London

Vasily was born in Russia, but lived in Latvia, where his family moved to when he was 7 years old. Vasily studied to be a Medical Doctor, completing 4 years of medical degree course. He always wanted to specialise in spinal and nervous system disorders and after years of practice and search for best treatment strategy he decided to move to UK to study on Chiropractic course. Upon completing the course he has moved to London and now works in his clinic in East London with a great team of Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists.


  • 4 years Medical College Riga, Latvia

  • 4 years BSc (Hons) Welsh Institute Of Chiropractic in the UK

  • Various courses in manual therapy and massage in the past


  • Doctor of Chiropractic BSc (Hons) - 2008 Welsh Institute Of Chiropractic, Glamorgan University, Wales

  • General Medical Practitioner (Feldsher) - 1994 medical college, Riga, Latvia

“Out of all manual and holistic therapies chiropractic best reflects my vocation to help people, and is the most effective way to improve my patients and my own wellbeing!”

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  1. Maria

Hope to hear u soon with some new info

  1. RosieM

i really like it

  1. Elena

Da ,ia citala vse comentarii,no c sojalenii ia jivu v Moldove,i s moimi finanasami .....Spasibo cito otvetili.

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